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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
(2013 Remaster)

1997-Jul-29: Standing Stone Tickets

Paul's symphonic work "Standing Stone" will premiere at The Royal Albert Hall in London on Tuesday 14th October 1997. "Fun Club" members were given the chance to buy tickets in advance over a special phone line from 18 July. They went on sale officially on Friday 25th July. Prices range from 20-125, however (according to German news reports) Paul himself took special care of the cheaper seats and halfed their price to 10.

Biography "Many Years From Now"

At last - the "official" Paul McCartney biography will be finally out this year. Here's a passage from a catalogue:

Based on hundreds of hours of exclusive interviews with Barry Miles and complete access to McCartney's own archives, this is Paul McCartney in his own words. It is history from the inside of one of the greatest songwriting partnerships of the century. It's the private life of a man made public property--a Beatle--by the age of 21. It's the trajectory of the most popular pop group in history, from beginnings to break-up. It's a chronicle of the sixties by the man at the center of the storm. It's music, drugs, women, money, madness, the Maharishi, art, love, peace, and bitterness. Beginning to end, it's the story as never told before. There have been countless words written--and not a few sung--about Paul McCartney. In Many Years From Now, he sets the record straight.


Paul McCartney : Many Years from Now
by Barry Miles
List: $27.50 -- Off-Price: $27.50
Published by Henry Holt & Co
Publication date: September 1997
ISBN: 0805052488

Great Britain

Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now
by Barry Miles
Price: 20
Published by Secker and Warburg
Publication date: 6th October 1997
ISBN 0436280221

Three songs left from the Miller/McCartney sessions

Reuter quotes Miller in a recent article. "The sessions were completely easy. It was just like jamming with somebody you know really well. We have kind of a common musical ancestry or something. We just sort of dig into it, and it's there, and it's a lot of fun. It just was like an old habit, man. It just fit real easy."
Miller also revealed that there are three songs left from these sessions: "Country Girl", "Soul Boy and a 3rd untitled composition which he wants to finish and release in the end.

Flaming Pie for President

A special audio program about the making of Flaming Pie has been ordered for Air Force One. The President and First Lady reportedly have been thrilled by the music from Flaming Pie, which they got from McCartney during their visit in London, lately.

A spokesman said that they'd been asked to produce a two-hour audio show for United Airlines. Just as this was being finished, a request from the White house for a special one-hour version for the President was received.


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