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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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1997-Jul-13: Miscellaneous

Radio Update (Germany):

After the June radio special on "Welle Fidelitas" (small local station) in which Paul talked in German only (!), there is another radio special on German radio soon. This time it's on a nation-wide channel:

German 21. Juli 1997 - DLF Köln - 22.05-22.50: Paul McCartney im Gespräch
"In den letzten Monaten war Paul McCartney - er verdiente so viel Geld wie kein anderer Musiker vor ihm - mit der Fertigstellung seiner neuen Platte "Flaming Pie" beschäftigt. Dabei traf er im Studio seinen altern Mitstreiter Ringo Starr wieder, der bei den Aufnahmen ab und zu Schlagzeug gespielt hat. Als nächstes plant der rastlose Beatle eine Ausstellung in Deutschland mit seinen Gemälden und ein weiteres Oratorium."
(In the last few months, Paul McCartney - who has earned so much more money than any other musician before him - has been busy with the completion of his new album "Flaming Pie". In doing so, he met his old mate Ringo Starr again who plays the drums on some tracks. Next on the agenda, the restless Beatle is planning an exhibition of his paintings in Germany and another Oratorium.)

Buddy Holly Contest

Paul McCartney is inviting fellow Buddy Holly fans to submit poems in memory of the pioneer rock'n'roller, in a contest being run by McCartney's MPL Communications. The winner will receive £3,000 and an invitation to a celebrity lunch in London being thrown by McCartney in September as part of MPL's annual Buddy Holly Week. The top 50 entries will be published in a forthcoming Holly anthology. Poems, of no more than 40 lines, should be submitted to MPL at 1 Soho Square, London W1V 6BQ, England.
[this press release is from mid June!]

Paul & Continental Airlines

This is a report from Mr. Ashley Ryan Wooton:

"I leave Wednesday morning on a Continental Airlines flight to England, so I decided to see what kind of entertainment is available. Their showcase artist is you know who, Paul. Here is the write-up:

Flaming Pie is the first studio album from Paul McCartney in four years and fulfills his desire to get back to the fun and simplicity of recording. He plays most of the instruments himself, occasionally accompanied by a handful of family and friends, including his son James, Steve Miller and Ringo Starr. Tune in to hear highlights from the album as well as some of McCartney's past solo hits."


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