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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
(2013 Remaster)

1997-Jul-06: 2nd European single; TV update

2nd European single
The release date is Monday, 07 July 1997 (United Kingdom)

For the various different formats, please see "Jun 26, 1997: 2nd European single".
Here are the tracks of the two CD singles which will only be released in the United Kingdom:

Both UK singles are
available here now!

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1 The World Tonight
2 Used To Be Bad
3 Oobu Joobu - Part 3
Intro Chat 0:09
Oobu Joobu Main Theme 0:48
Squid 6:25
Paul McCartney talks about 'The World Tonight' 1:23
Link 0:05
Oobu Joobu Main Theme 0:59
1 The World Tonight
2 Really Love You
3 Oobu Joobu - Part 4
Intro Chat 0:06
Oobu Joobu Main Theme 0:37
Link 0:18
Don't Break The Promise (solo version) 3:39
Paul McCartney Talks About Reggae 1:25
Link 0:04
Oobu Joobu Main Theme 0:57

(Thanks to Matt Hurwitz, Publisher of Good Day Sunshine Magazine, and to Simon van der Peet for this info)

"Squid" is the music that Paul uses as musical background for his "Be a vegetarian" message on Oobu Joobu Part 14, track 13. (Thanks to Simon van der Peet from the Dutch Paul McCartney Fanclub for this information)
"Don't Break The Promise" is the demo version of this McCartney/Eric Stewart composition, a composite of this demo and the released 10CC version was aired during the 1995 US Oobu Joobu radio show. (This solo demo version by Paul is very good!)

TV update

Sir Paul McCartney Friday 11th JulyPaul will appear on the NBC Late Night show with Conan O'Brien of 10th July in the US.

ATTENTION EUROPEAN READERS: NBC Europe will broadcast this show on the 11th July, 23:00 CET.

NBC Europe also broadcasts "The Today Show" Mon-Fri from 8.00-9.00 (a.m.) CET. I have no idea if this European version is produced independently or not. Definitely worth keeping an eye on it this week, as Paul will appear on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on NBC (US).


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