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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
(2013 Remaster)

1997-Jun-27: Paul live on UK TV show

WANTED: Please, I would really like to trade for a video copy of this show! I am still waiting for offers!

Note: This is a summary of what I learned from various postings on RMB and Macca-L (Colin B., Lynn D.).

Paul was on UK's Channel 4 TFI Friday show (which is one hour, and Paul was on for about 35 minutes). It was a great unusual interview, and Paul was having lots of fun with host Chris Evans. Paul seems to have another haircut again, looking more Beatle-ish now. It was a very relaxed and happy atmosphere

When the topic came to "all this rain" (apparently it was raining a lot in England), Paul said he didn't mind, being a farmer himself. When asked if Paul did the work on the farm he responded that he has other people do that but his job is to go around saying "Well done!".

Chris Evans handed over a replica Flaming Pie in a dish which was an accurate realisation of Paul's now famous drawing, even the flames were coming out of the holes in the crust. Later Paul gave Chris a silver Flaming Pie cigarette lighter with the red Flaming Pie logo on one side.

Celebrity questions: several were faxed in from Bono (U2), The Cure, Richard & Judy (British show hosts) who asked why Paul wasn't appearing on their show - "cause this show is cooler!" was his reply. There also was a fax from Ringo "Who was your favourite Beatle?" - "I loved them all equally" said Paul.

They also chatted about Paul's relationship with George, and Chris gave Paul a roll of original Beatles wallpaper which Paul seemed to have liked a lot.

Then Paul went to play two songs live: Flaming Pie and Young Boy.
For Flaming Pie, Paul sat at the piano (the multi-coloured one from the 1989/90 World Tour) and sang in front of three large screens, the left one with Paul playing lead guitar (Sunburst Les Paul), the middle one showed him on drums, and the right monitor screen had him playing his Hofner bass.
On Young Boy Paul played acoustic guitar and sang to backing which was an Epiphone semi-acoustic guitar on the left screen, drums on the center monitor, and bass on the right one.
Chris Evans said that these backing tracks and videos were recorded especially for this show.

After these two songs, Paul and Chris walked through the audience out to a waiting speedboat on the river Thames. As they started to move away Paul shouted "As fast as you like!" and off they went.


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