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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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1997-Jun-15: Miscellaneous

Charts (last update 23 August)

Flaming Pie Album

week 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35
U.S.A Top 200       2 8 12 25 38 47 44 47 60 75 90    
United Kingdom 2 5 3 12 18 33 19 24 ? 35 40 --        
Germany Top 100   6 6 8 15 17 31 38 41 47 54 69 76 97 97 100
Norway 3 4 6 11 ? ? ?                  
France Top 50 23 35 43 43 --                      
Switzerland Top 50 10 12 12 19 19 24 31 ? ? ?            

sources: USA (Billboard,, UK (official source :, Germany (Media Control), France (official TOP 50:, Switzerland (official TOP 50: )

Young Boy Single

U.K. Germany
week 19 20 21 22 23
Pos. 19 45 ? ? 15
week 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32
Pos. - 55 59 60 66 68 68 70 71 72 - - - -

(these lists have been compiled using various teletext and web sources, posts from RMB and Macca-L, and with additional help by Luc Goffinet, Belgium)

Radio Interviews

In the end of week 23, Paul was giving radio interviews from London which were broadcast on US radio stations like WXRT in Chicago and also in NYC. He talked to Terri Hemmert and was in great mood. Paul talked for about 25 minutes and it was about his biography, the making of Flaming Pie, generation gap, Anthology, "Souvenir" and his hope for a cover version, his favorite cover versions, Linda, love and peace. [Editor's note: I wouldn't mind getting a tape dub of this interview!]

During this interview, Paul also said that he'd really like to go out and play some of these songs on stage. According to Matt Hurwitz, Paul's publicist Geoff Baker suggested that Paul did most likely not just say this but might have planned something...

Early versions of Flaming Pie tracks surfaced

" 'Beautiful Night' was a decade old itself, and a recording made in New York had been on the shelf, unused, since 1986." - this is taken from the booklet of the Flaming Pie CD.

Here's what Wiener writes in his Ultimate Recording Guide:
1986, Aug 25-29: Paul recorded seom unreleased songs in New York with members of Billy Joel's band; Phil Ramone acted as producer
1987, Jun 2-30: Paul recorded an entire album, produced by Phil Ramone, that remains unreleased. Three of the unreleased Ramone-produced tracks may be "Love Come Tumbling Down", "Beautiful Night" and "Return To Pepperland," all copyrighted Aug 21. Paul reportedly worked on three Ramone-produced tracks with George Martin on Jul 1; these may be the three.

These three songs are reportedly circulating amongst tape traders. This early version of "Beautiful Night" is basically quite similar to the Flaming Pie version, as far as melody and most of the lyrics are concerned. However, there's no orchestration nor upbeat ending (but the song is still almost 6 minutes in length), and the drumming* is similar to the style on "Once Upon A Long Ago". The song might be a semitone higher and Paul's vocal appears to be a rough guide vocal but sounds young and fresh. The song is lacking the final "kick" in this stage. Hopefully "Beautiful Night" will be released as a single later this year (how about a Christmas-sy November release?). I wished Paul would add this ten year old version as a bonus track.

*Chris Whitten? - Chris Brewer notes that this recording is from the same session as "Loveliest Thing", and the CD notes of the remastered version of Flowers in the Dirt list Liberty DeVitto as the drummer; in the video and TV appearances however Chris Whitten was drumming.

"Seeking a short, simple song to close Flaming Pie, Paul McCartney has searched back 25 years to find 'Great Day', an acoustic number that he and Linda used to perform "sitting around the kitchen or when the children were dancing" - this is taken from the booklet of the Flaming Pie CD.

Here's what Wiener writes in his Ultimate Recording Guide:
1974, That summer-fall: (section on unreleased "One Hand Clapping" film) ... Paul also shot the unreleased film The Backyard, originally part of One Hand Clapping, including "Blackpool", "Blackbird", "Country Dreamer", "Twenty Flight Rock", "Peggy Sue", "I'm Gonna Love You Too", "Sweet Little Sixteen", "Loving You", "We're Gonna Move" and "Blue Moon Of Kentucky"; only five songs were included in the unreleased nine-minute film. The "Peggy Sue" footage was seen in The Paul McCartney Special which was released on home video.

All ten songs can be found on the Yellow Cat import CD Backyard in great sonic quality. We all knew "Great Day" sounded familar, right? It clearly has similarities to "Big Barn Bed", for instance. But we now know, thanks to WatchingWheels, and to Amy from MACCA-L, that we really have heard it before on the aforementioned CD: After "I'm Gonna Love You Too" (Track 8) has finished, Paul is going into various little tunes having fun before he gets to the next song. And - we can clearly hear him play the first couple of bars of "Great Day".

Secret backwards message

The World Tonight contains a secret backwards message. During a break of the song, exactly at 2:38-2:41 where Paul's "I can see the world tonight" is multitracked and delayed in some very strange way, this message can be heard when played backwards. This part really does sound like it could contain some voice played backwards but as it makes perfect sense played forward, I never even tried to play it backwards until someone in the newsgroups posted about it. Then I tried - and there it is, VERY clearly audible: "SAVE THE ANIMALS FUR, LINDA EASTMAN". Normally I'd say this is coincidence but in this case, with the strange delayed layers of Paul singing "I can see the world tonight" onto it - I don't know. Maybe it IS intentional ;-)

Judge yourself: FORWARD.WAV (77KB) - BACKWARD.WAV (67KB)


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