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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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1997-May-16: Latest on "Town Hall Meeting"

"McCartney's Town Hall Meeting'' will feature McCartney at The Bishopsgate Memorial Hall in London answering questions submitted from the audience and also via internet, phone and mail. The event will be followed by a 30-minute, world-wide online webcast complete with video stream, in the same question and answer format as the televised special, with the artist answering questions right off the internet.

This "Town Hall Meeting" takes place Saturday, May 17th, at 6pm GMT (=7pm Central European Time, 1pm New York Time, 10am L.A. Time) and will be broadcast live by VH1 (USA), VH1 (UK) and VH1 (Germany). Note that these 3 VH1 channels are run separately, so there's no special McCartney week on VH1 Germany nor VH1 UK.

EUROPEAN READERS: Even if you don't get VH1, you can still receive an unscrambled (no decoder required!) broadcast via the ASTRA satellites (19.2 degrees East). VH1 Germany broadcasts on ASTRA every day from 20.00-24.00 CET (all other times: a scrambled channel), and it is freely available (standard PAL format). But you cannot receive the live broadcast on Saturday 17th (which is from 19.00-20.00 CET). The Townhall Meeting is repeated on: Sunday 18th at 21.00CET, Friday 23th at 23.00CET and Sunday 25th at 25.00CET. VH1 Germany can be found on channel 27, which is 11,612GHz H (horizontal polarisation).

World-wide online webcast:
This will take place at
There will be a JAVA-based chat and live video/audio stream (also JAVA-based), as well as a separate audio-only stream using Real Audio (for those without Java). No Real Video or other plug-ins, no other software is required. But you'll need a browser which supports Java: Netscape 3.0 or better, or Internet Explorer 3.x or better. Be sure to enable Java in the options menus. And: If you have less than 16MBs of RAM, better not run Java. AOL users can also run Internet Explorer or Netscape (if you still have very old AOL software, you must get an AOL "winsock.dll" file first). The built-in web browser will NOT do!


"Young Boy" entered the German charts at position 55 in the week of May 12th. It drops to position 59 in the week of May 19th.
"Flaming Pie" enters the German charts (May 19th) at position 6. This is very remarkable, considering the lack of promotion, and considering that Young Boy is not this big of a hit yet (and that the video still gets ZERO airplay. Thanks, EMI!). Anyway, in 1993 "Off the Ground" entered at pos. 98 - and "Hope of Deliverance" was already a big hit, then.

Freddy Mensink posted in Macca-L that in today's charts of the Netherlands, Flaming Pie enters at position 16, and Young Boy climbs to 53, after entering at 57 last week.


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