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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
(2013 Remaster)

1997-Apr-09: Details on the U.K. CD Maxi-Singles

According to Matt Hurwitz, publisher of Good Day Sunshine Magazine, the first singles from "Flaming Pie," (as noted before) will be "The World Tonight" in the U.S., and "Young Boy" in the rest of the world. The bonus track program so far is taking the shape of one additional non-album track from the album sessions, plus a short "Oobu Joobu" vignette (this appears to be the plan for the remainder of other singles to be released from the album, though, of course, it remains to be seen). That track will feature the complete version of one of the songs featured on Paul's "Oobu Joobu" radio program from two summers ago, along with other material, to give us a little taste of the radio program, as well as some other goodies.

"Young Boy" will be issued in England on April 28th in two different CD Maxi-Singles (CDR-6462 and CDR-6462S). The track listings are as follows: [please see here for up-to-date information, the listings and numbering below is not 100% correct]

1 Young Boy 3:52 Written & Produced by Paul McCartney  
2 Looking For You 4:48 Written by Paul McCartney
Produced by Paul McCartney & Jeff Lynne
From the "FP" album sessions. Reportedly, Jeff worked on only 9 songs with Paul, this, apparently, representing the last of the batch (the other 8 are on the album).
3 Oobu Joobu - Part 1
1. Some Folks Say Oobu
2. Oobu Joobu Main Theme
3. Fun Packed Show
4. I Love This House

5. Clock Work
6. Paul McCartney Talks
About "Young Boy"
7. Oobu Joobu We Love You
8. Oobu Joobu Main Theme




Written by (Oobu Joobu Producer Eddie) Pumer/Smith
Produced by Paul McCartney & David Foster

Written by Pumer/Smith

from the same 1984 (?) sessions which originally produced "We Got Married" (which appears on "Flowers in the Dirt"). One of 4 songs reportedly recorded with Foster


1 Young Boy 3:52 Written & Produced by Paul McCartney  
2 Broomstick 5:07 Written & Produced by Paul McCartney  
3 Oobu Joobu - Part 2
1. Wide Screen Radio
2. Oobu Joobu We Love You
3. Oobu Joobu Main Theme
4. Brilliant, What's Next?
5. Atlantic Ocean

6. Paul McCartney Reminisces
(background music "Classical Guitar")
7. Bouree
8. Oobu Joobu We Love You
9. Oobu Joobu Main Theme




Written by Pumer/Smith

Written by Pumer/Smith
Produced by Phil Ramone

Composed by J.S. Bach

Recorded during the same July 1987 sessions which produced "Once Upon A Long Ago," "Back On My Feet" and several of the bonus tracks featured on "Flowers In the Dirt" CD singles. Features members Billy Joel's band.


The American "The World Tonight" single, which, as of today, was scheduled for release on May 22, will feature "World Tonight" plus all of the bonus tracks from the first single listed above, CDR-6462. CD-Now is already accepting pre-orders for the UK import singles of "Young Boy". If you intend to buy the import singles from CD-Now, please use only this link!



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