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Wings Over America
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1997-Apr-04: Summary of recent facts and rumors


Good Day Sunshine magazine reported about a week ago:

No word yet on B-side titles, but here's a little about the configuration. As we've already seen posted, there will likely be two CD Maxi-Singles in England, with two different sets of B-sides, for their single, "Young Boy." In America, where the single will be "The World Tonight," we will have the same B-sides as, likely, one of the two UK singles (or some combination thereof).

"Young Boy" will possibly be the 2nd single in the U.S., while vice versa will occur in Europe - "The World Tonight" will be their second single. However, as I mentioned above, each "first single," in both countries, will feature the same B-sides, so that McCartney can release one grouping of cool B-sides at a time, instead of having two sets floating around out there (forcing people on both sides of the ocean to buy each other's singles).

EMI will be doing an LP of the album, by the way, for Europe. It will be a single-disc package.

Billboard Magazine reports:

EMI & Capitol records have officially set the release date of the album "Flaming Pie" for May 20 in the US, and for May 12 in most other countries.
The first single in the US will be "The World Tonight", to be released on April 17 (!), and it will be "Young Boy" in most other coutries, to be released on April 28.
Billboard also mentions that the producers of the movie "Father's Day" (with Robin Williams and Billy Crystal) want to use both songs in the movie which opens May 9.
The TV documentary by Geoff Wonfor will be carried by VH-1 in the US. VH-1 is said to plan a live event with Paul from London on May 17.
Next week's Billboard magazine will carry the full story.


Good Day Sunshine magazine reports:

"Flaming Pie" will feature a 24-page booklet, filled with new photographs by Linda McCartney, including one for the cover, according to Paul's publicist, Geoff Baker. Paul himself will be the author of the liner notes for the booklet.

The sleeve design will be by Rick Ward, the same designer who put together all three "Beatles Anthology" albums and associated artwork.


The Beatles Fanclub of Norway reports:

According to a very well informed source, James Louis McCartney (18) plays lead guitar on the title track on his dad's forthcoming album, "Flaming Pie". The track is said to be "a tribute to John Lennon TM". James has been described as an accomplished guitar-player, but isn't planning to make a carreer out of it.

Another piece of news from the same source: Paul McCartney, Paul Weller (Jam, Style Council) and Noel Gallagher (Oasis) have made several recordings together, in fact an album's worth, as "Yer Blues Band". McCartney's people are currently wondering whether to release both this new album and "Flaming Pie" simultaneously, or put the Yer Blues Band on the backburner while "Flaming Pie" is selling.


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