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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
(2013 Remaster)

1997-Apr-01: Release formats of single

The single "Young Boy" will be released on 28 April in the following formats (in the U.S., the single is "The World Tonight"!):

Country Part No. Format Tracks
international 7243 8 83786 2 8 CD 3 tracks
international 7243 8 83787 2 7 CD 2 tracks
United Kingdom R 6462 vinyl 2 tracks
United Kingdom CDR 6462 CD 3 tracks
United Kingdom CDRs 6462 CD 3 tracks
promo CDRDJ 6462 CD 1 track
In the U.K. there are two different 3-track CD singles! The U.S. single "The World Tonight" will have the same B-sides as CDR6462. The 2nd CD single in the USA will probably have those B-sides from CDRS6462.

CD-Now is already accepting pre-orders for the UK import singles of "Young Boy". If you intend to buy the import singles from CD-Now, please use only this link!


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