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Wings Over America
Wings Over America
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1997-Feb-24: More details on Paul's album. TV documentary

The new album Flaming Pie is scheduled for release on May 12 (U.K., Europe) and May 13 (US).
The first single Young Boy will be released on April 28, and it includes 3 new tracks not on the album. There will be up to four singles with 3 new tracks each.

Paul will be the subject of a lengthy profile in the New York Times Sunday magazine in May.

One dutch source reports that Ringo will be playing on three tracks. So far it was reported that Ringo is drumming on two tracks only.

Good Day Sunshine reports: 'The album will have 14 songs total. It is still being mixed, and final song running order has not been pinned down. All 8 of the songs which Jeff Lynne produced *with* Paul (he's credited as co-producer) will appear on the album. A source who has heard the entire album notes that "You can't tell you're hearing a Jeff Lynne track. There's no overt "Jeff Lynne" sound; the stamp is 90% Paul." The two songs that Ringo appears on are two of the eight of Lynne's. There are three tracks featuring Steve Miller. More on the song "Flaming Pie": The source describes it as "a whimsical comment on the confused origins of The Beatles." '

According to Beatlefan, eight album tracks are produced with Jeff Lynne, two co-produced with Steve Miller including a McCartney/Miller duet, one produced solely by Paul, and two produced and arranged by George Martin. Ringo plays drums on two songs and James McCartney plays guitar on one song. Otherwise Paul plays most of the instruments himself.

Gossip: Here are some more tentative song titles (may be released on the album or on singles):
Whole Life (recorded with Dave Stewart) I Used To Be Bad (recorded with Steve Miller) Soul Boy (recorded with Steve Miller, could be the same as "Young Boy") Sweet Home Country Girl (recorded with Steve Miller) Cello In The Ruins (which almost was released last year as a 'War Child' single) I Saw You Sitting (recorded with Jeff Lynne) Little Willow (recorded with Jeff Lynne) TV documentary

McCartney has been working with Geoff Wonfor, the director of "Anthology". This 60 minute special will air in the United Kingdom on the Independent Television network in May, around the May 12 release date of his first new studio album in four years.

"Geoff approached us with the idea," McCartney's representative said. "There has been so much interest worldwide in `Anthology' that he thought it would be good to bring the story up to date. It focuses on Paul because he is doing so much at the moment. The documentary is basically about where he is now."

While the Anthology series by Geoff Wonfor told the story of the Beatles from their beginnings in Liverpool until 1970, the new film, which will consist of music and interviews, will focus on McCartney and his first studio album in four years.

Reuters reports that Geoff Baker, Paul's publicist, said: "A lot has gone down since 1970. He's making a new album and the documentary is basically about where he is now."

The new film will be broadcast in Britain in May and has attracted interest from Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries.


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