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1997-Feb-11: Paul's Album scheduled for May release

At last! Something definite on it. The title "Flaming Pie" had already been confirmed by Beatles insider Allan Kozinn a couple of weeks ago. Now we know the titles of three tracks: "Flaming Pie", "The Songs We Were Singing" and "Young Boy". Sounds like Paul's going back to his roots. My expectations are very high - and have been ever since it was known that Paul has been working together with Jeff Lynne. I've been waiting for the two to work together for many years. And with all the inspiration Paul got from putting together the Anthologies, I will be counting the days until this album is out! And there's even an advance single (with most probably 3 more tracks not on the album). :-)

I. According to Good Day Sunshine, here's the latest on "Flaming Pie," Paul's new album: The album's title track is based on the original Lennon line/story about the origins of the Beatles' name. It's kind of a development of the idea, rather than a song about John, and the source who described the track was chuckling about it, noting that it's quite a lot of fun. Besides the known contributions of Jeff Lynne, Steve Miller and Ringo (who appears on 2 tracks), for those of us who were worried, Linda sings on a couple of tracks! Album is currently scheduled for early May release. There will be CD singles, with bonus tracks, the first of which will appear in April. No songs have been selected, but a possible choice is a wonderful pop tune called "Young Boy." The album's tracks have been selected, though an exact running order has not. It was played for EMI executives around the world within the last week, most of whom were quite ecstatic about it, one noting it as "his best album since "Band On the Run"."

II. The Allstar Daily News of 11 Feb 97 reports:

New Album 'Flaming Pie,' Radio Show Due In May

Paul McCartney's next album is chock full of Beatles connections. First, George Martin is producing a few tracks on the album. Second, Beatles drummer Ringo Starr gets behind the kit for a few songs. And finally, the album is titled Flaming Pie, which stems from a story that John Lennon used to tell writers when he was tired of telling the story of the Beatles name. Bill Porricelli, who works at McCartney's publishing company MPL Communications, says that Lennon would tell the fictitious tale of how the Beatles' name came to him in a dream in which a man on a flaming pie said "You should be 'Beatles with an A.'"

The 12-13 track album - of all-new material- features a duet with McCartney and Steve Miller, who also lends a production hand to the record, along with Jeff Lynne. Flaming Pie, which was recorded mostly at McCartney's London studio and partially at Lynne's farm in Utah, is due on Capitol in May.

"It's Paul's best album in 20 years," says Porricelli. "It's very edgy stuff. He played a lot of instruments on it, drums on every track except for the few that Ringo did."

In lieu of touring, McCartney plans to use a syndicated radio special to help promote Flaming Pie. The details aren't mapped out yet, but it looks to be a one- to- two- hour special, hosted by McCartney, to debut the first single and the entire album. Those who played on the album will also likely be included in the special. This radio special follows the 1995 Oobu Joobu radio special, in which McCartney played his favorite music of all genres, including Beatles outtakes.

McCartney will also be debuting his new classical piece, not yet titled, to debut in London this fall at EMI's 100th anniversary celebration.


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