Maybe Baby Original Soundtrack Album

Virgin CDV 2916 - 7243 8 49394 27 First issued in U.K: 5 June 2000

1 MAYBE BABY - Performed by Paul McCartney
(Charles Hardin / Norman Petty) - Produced by Paul McCartney and Jeff Lynne
Publisher MPL Communications Ltd / Inc, Wren Music Company
© 1999 MPL Communications Ltd / Inc, under exclusive licence to Virgin Records Ltd
- Special thanks to Keith Smith and John Hammel -
2 UNFORGIVABLE SINNER - Performed by Lene Marlin
(Lene Marlin) - Produced by Hans G, Jorn Dahl
Publisher EMI Publishing Ltd
From the album Playing my game available on Virgin CD (CDVIR 83) and Cassette (MCVIR 83)
© 1999 Virgin Records Norway AS
3 SUDDENLY MONDAY - Performed by Melanie C
(Melani Chrisholm / Matt Rowe / Richard Stannard / Julian Gallagher) - Produced by Rick Rubin
Publisher EMI Music Publishing Ltd, Universal Music, EMI Music Publishing Ltd / T / A Clive Banks songs
From the album Northen Star, available on Virgin CD (CDVX 2893) and Cassette (TCVX 2893)
© 1999 Virgin Record Ltd
4 I DON'T WANNA FIGHT - Performed by Westlife
(Steve Mac / Wayne Hector / Richard Niles) - Produced by Steve Mac
Publisher Rockstone Music, Rondor Music (London) Ltd
Courtesy of RCA Records/BMG Entertainment international UK and Irland Ltd
From the album Westlife available on RCA Records (1713212)
© 1999 BMG Entertainment international UK and Irland Ltd
- Thanks to Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell -
5 CRY LIKE A BABY - Performed by Kasey Chambers
(Kasey Chambers) - Produced by Kasey Chambers
Publisher Gibbon Music Australia
From the album The Captain available on Virgin CD (CDVIR 101 / 5203552)
© 1999 EMI Music Australia
6 PUMP IT UP - Performed by Elvis Costello
(Elvis Costello) - Produced by Nick Lowe
Publisher Plangent Visions Music Ltd
Courtesy of Crimson Produktions, A division of The Demon Music group Ltd
© 1978 Elvis Costello Ltd
7 COMEDY - Performed by Shack
(Michael Head) - Produced by Hugh Jones
Publisher Morrison Leahy Music Ltd
From the album HMS Fable Licenced courtesy of Warner Music UK Ltd
Available on London Records (5561132)
© 1999 London Records 90 Ltd
8 I CAN'T MAKE YOU LOVE ME - Performed by George Michael
(Mike Reid / Allen Shamblin) - Produced by George Michael
Publisher Rondor Music (London) Ltd
© 1997 Big Geoff Overseas Ltd / Robobuild Ltd exclusively licenced to Virgin Records Ltd
9 CRADLE - Performed by Atomic Chicken
(Kershaw / McCluskey / Strudwick) - Produced by Simon Franglen
Publisher Windswept Pacific Music Ltd, EMI Music Publishing Ltd, Copyright Control
© 2000 Virgin Records Ltd
- Thanks to Hugh Goldsmith and all the team at Innocent and Virgin Records -
10 DON'T CALL ME BABY (original mix edit) - Performed by Madison Avenue
(C. Coates / A. Van Dorsselaer / D. Morrison / G. Cherchia) - Produced by Madison Avenue
Publisher Universal Music, Crisler
contains a sample from Ma-quale-idea by Pino DŽAngio, cortesy of Peer Southern Productions
© 1999 Vicious Vinyl Pty Ltd exclusively licenced to Virgin Records Ltd
11 CHORUS 2000 (edit) - Performed by Gold'n'Delicious
(Les Hemstock) - Produced by Les Hemstock
Publisher Copyright Control
© 2000 exclusively licenced to Virgin Records Ltd
12 DO THE STRAND - Performed by Roxy Music
(Bryan Ferry) - Produced by Chris Thomas and Roxy Music
Publisher BMG Songs Ltd / Digitally remastered 1999
From the album For your pleasure available on Virgin CD (ROXYCD2 / ROXYCDX2)
© 1973 Virgin Records 90 Ltd
13 THIS LOVE - Performed by Birth
(DL) - Produced by DL and Lenny Franchi
Publisher BMG Music Publishing Ltd
From the album Gotten bold available on Virgin CD (CDHUT 58)
© 2000 Virgin Records Ltd
14 ALL I NEED (edit) - Performed by Tin Tin Out
(Wendy Page / Lindsay Edwards / Darren Stokes) - Produced by Tin Tin Out for Empire Artist Management
Publisher EMI Music Publishing Ltd
From the album Eleven to fly available on Virgin CD (CDVCR 6) and Casette (VCRMC 6)
© 2000 Virgin Records Ltd
- Thanks to Ben Elton and Paul Roberts -
15 LATELY MORE THAN EVER - Performed by Hobotalk
(Mark Pilley) - Produced by Ross Edmond
Publisher EMI Music
From the EP Pictures of Romance available on Virgin CD (HUTCD 120) and 12 Singel (HUTT 120)
© 1999 Virgin Records Ltd
16 IT MUST BE LOVE - Performed by Madness
(Labi Siffre) - Produced by Clive Langer and Winstanley
Publisher Chrysalis songs Ltd
Digitally remastered 2000
From the album Divine Madness available on Virgin CD (CDV 2905)
© 1981 Stirling Holding Ltd, under exclusive licence to Virgin Records Ltd

Music Supervisors on behalf of Virgin Records: Jules Bain, Paul McDonald and Ann Murray
Music Supervisors on behalf of Phil McIntyre: Jules Bain and Paul Roberts
Film Stills: Sally Miles / REDBUS

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