Peter Kirtley Band - Little Children

Order Number: JUB001
Release date:
late 1998, England.

CD Single

1 Little Children Part 1 (Kirtley)
2 Little Children Part 2
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Very Special Guest: Paul McCartney vocals on version 1.
(Remixed at Paul's Hog Hill Studio, aka The Mill)

Background and order information

(by Matt Hurwirtz of Good Day Sunshine Magazine, early January 1999)

"For those who've been wondering about the "Little Children" CD and how to order it, I spoke with the artist whose group is featured on the disc, Peter Kirtley, yesterday. The disc is a benefit CD to raise money and awareness for street children in Brazil, who frequently find themselves victims of "hit squads" trying to "clean up" the problem. Paul donated use of his studio, The Mill, for some elements of the recording, and reads a narrative and sings some great scat singing on the end.

In answer to several people's questions, the fellow doing the policeman's voice is not Paul - it's Peter. And, yes, the tracks are in the wrong order - the version with Paul is "Version 1," but they were mastered in the wrong order. A new pressing will take place soon with the songs in the correct order.

In case you haven't been able to find one, it can be ordered directly from the distributor they're using, Key Mail Order (who takes no profit from the sales of the disc). Visit their website at:


The scans were kindly sent by Seebe Janssens, Holland!


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