Press To Play (Remaster)

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Order Number: Parlophone CDP 7 89269 2 (remaster)
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Total Time: 68:29
Different Tracks: Adds Spies Like Us, Once Upon A Long Ago (Long Version)
1 Stranglehold 3:36
2 Good Times Coming/Feel The Sun 4:56
3 Talk More Talk 5:17
4 Footprints 4:32
5 Only Love Remains 4:16
6 Press 4:23
7 Pretty Little Head 5:13
8 Move Over Busker 4:05
9 Angry 3:36
10 However Absurd 4:58
11 Write Away 3:01
12 It's Not True 5:53
13 Tough On A Tightrope 4:42
Bonus Tracks
14 Spies Like Us 4:45
15 Once Upon A Long Ago (Long Version) 4:37
Release date:
9 August 1993 (CD/LP originally issued in 1986)
Paul McCartney, Jerry Marotta, Carlos Alomar, Eric Stewart, Eddie Rayner, Phil Collins, Pete Townshend, Nick Glennie-Smith, Dick Morrisey, Ray Cooper, Simon Chamberlain, Graham Ward, Lennie Picket, Gery Barnacle, Gavin Wright, John Bradbury and others
Hugh Padgham; Track 3 Steve Jackson
Mixed by:
Hugh Padgham; Track 6 Bert Bevans and Steve Forward; Track 12 Julian Mendelsohn
Paul McCartney and Hugh Padgham. Track 15 George Martin
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