The Beatles Christmas Shows 1964/1965


Jimmy Saville, Mike Cotton Sound, The Yardbirds, Ray Fell, Freddie And The Dreamers, Elkie Brooks


Sketch, She's A Woman, I'm A Loser, Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby, Baby's In Black, Honey Don't, A Hard Day's Night, I Feel Fine, Twist And Shout, Long Tall Sally

The Concerts:

DateCityVenueBootleg Source
24.12.1964LondonHammersmith Odeon
25.12.1964LondonHammersmith Odeon
26.12.1964LondonHammersmith Odeon
28.12.1964LondonHammersmith Odeon
29.12.1964LondonHammersmith Odeon
30.12.1964LondonHammersmith Odeon
31.12.1964LondonHammersmith Odeon
01.01.1965LondonHammersmith Odeon
02.01.1965LondonHammersmith Odeon
04.01.1965LondonHammersmith Odeon
05.01.1965LondonHammersmith Odeon
06.01.1965LondonHammersmith Odeon
07.01.1965LondonHammersmith Odeon
08.01.1965LondonHammersmith Odeon
09.01.1965LondonHammersmith Odeon
11.01.1965LondonHammersmith Odeon
12.01.1965LondonHammersmith Odeon
13.01.1965LondonHammersmith Odeon
14.01.1965LondonHammersmith Odeon
15.01.1965LondonHammersmith Odeon
16.01.1965LondonHammersmith Odeon

Many thanks to Mario Rieth!

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