Now It's Your Turn!

Rutles fans now have the unique chance to ask The Rutles themselves about all the things you've always wanted to know!

Ever wanted to know what happened with Leggy Mountbatten, their manager, after he went to Australia to become a teacher? Is he hopping around with the Kangaroos ever since? How many teeth Dirk McQuickly had lost when he and Ron Nasty first bumped into each other at 43 Egg Lane, Liverpool, on January 21st, 1959? What had happened to their infamous "Pit Stop Tapes", found in possession of their ex-chauffeur? When to expect the re-release of the official Rutles biography "The Rutles" by Huntin' Elvis? Why Dirk now is into comedy? Do The Rutles still take tea? What is the first chord of "A Hard Day's Rut"? What's the meaning of the secret backwards message in the middle eight of "Piggy In The Middle"?

Now it's your turn - Good Day Sunshine Magazine (in cooperation with The Rutles, Virgin Records and Harald Gernhardt's Beatles Page) will send your questions to the Pre-Fab Four - who will answer them directly in the next issue of Good Day Sunshine! Just send your questions for our favorite lads to:

(Please hurry with your questions! This action ends on September 30th, 1996)

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