The Decca Sessions 1.1.62

Label Topline Records
Licensed from Charly Records Limited
Country UK
Catalog # TOP CD 523
Copyright/Release Date 1987
Total Playing Time 32:02

Song titles as listed on back cover:

1. Three Cool Cats 2:41
2. Memphis 2:40
3. Besame Mucho 2:33
4. The Sheik of Araby 1:37
5. Till There Was You 2:55
6. Searchin’ 3:44
7. Sure To Fall 2:48
8. Take Good Care of My Baby 2:51
9. Money 2:57
10. To Know Her Is To Love Her 2:27
11. September in the Rain 2:17
12. Crying, Waiting, Hoping 1:58


A nice release (for 1987) of the Decca Session tape. This is probably mastered from the same tapes used for the Audio Fidelity vinyl release in 1982. Just like the Audio Fidelity release, Topline avoided legal problems by eliminating the Lennon-McCartney compositions. The quality of this release has been superseded by VigOtone ("March 5, 1963 plus The Decca Tape" – VT-123) and Yellow Dog ("The Early Years, 1962, Decca Tapes Revised, Right Speed" – YDB 101 from The Ultimate Collection Box 1, Disc 1) releases. Both of these releases are speed corrected and have cleaner sound. Five of these songs were also released on Anthology One. One other interesting note on the Topline release: some of the songs are noticeably longer than on other releases (including the slower, speed corrected ones!) My ear tells me that verses/sections are repeated (a la Phil Spector with "I Me Mine") to flesh out the songs. Does anyone know when/why this was done? Decca Session Scholars out there please feel free to comment.

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