This information is dated back to October 1995 Frankfurt Bookfair!

The Beatles Anthology Book

I have NOTHING to do with this book, please don't ask me for information!!!

Anthology announcement

Genesis Publications (well-known for their high-quality limited-edition books like "Songs by George Harrison") will issue a limited-edition Beatles Anthology book in late 1996. Note that there will be regular issues as well.

Anthology Logo

This book tells the complete story of the Beatles and will be written by Paul, Ringo and George! Here is what a Genesis spokesman told me:
  • The price for this limited edition books will be 275-300 Pounds Sterling
  • Probably 3000 books will be issued - each one numbered and signed by one of the remaining Beatles (not sure yet if all books will be signed by all three)
  • There might be an additional CD with even more unreleased material not available elsewhere just in this limited edition
  • There is a mailing list for this book. When added, one will receive detailed information but not before April '96 or later
  • The book will be issued right before Christmas 1996

For more info, write to:
Genesis Publications Ltd, 9 Pilgrim House, Quarry Street, Guildford, Surrey GU1 3XY, England

Genesis Publications has been an exhibitor at the annual "Frankfurt Bookfair". I've taken photographs of the tentative "Anthology Book Logo" and of their background wallpaper: Anthology Wallpaper

They even seemed to have a 20min Anthology Promo Video but unfortunately it wasn't shown on Sunday afternoon as "Brian has taken it with him". Brian Roylance is the publisher of the book.

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