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Alternate Mixes discs containing mixes that are different from the common commercially released mix. This could be pirated material (from discontinued commercial releases, for example the mono Sgt. Pepper), or unreleased mixes from the pre-mastering stage
Core Collection This tag is issued according to Sulpy/Madinger "The 910's Guide to the Beatles'/Solo Beatles' Outtakes." To their definition, "Core" indicates that a particular disc contains at least one track in "best available quality." This is subjective of course, and some of these tags might already be outdated because of newly released discs. "Core" does NOT mean that the entire disc is essential, nor does it cope with digitally identical alternative releases. [note: these index tables are not complete yet as very recent discs are not all included yet]
Demo discs containing demos recorded at home or in the studio. This could be anything from just the composer singing to himself playing one instrument, to multi-track recordings with a rough stereo downmix
Get Back Sessions discs containing material from the January 1969 Beatles "Get Back" (later "Let It Be") film sessions at Twickenham Film Studios (only recorded on mono recorders by the film crew), or at Apple studios (again available as mono film soundtrack, or in some instances as stereo downmix from proper multitracks)
Live discs containing live performances, sourced from audience recordings, soundboard recordings, radio broadcasts or video tapes
Pirate discs containing material that has been released commercially. These must be distinguished from bootleg recordings since it's these pirates that are actually stealing money from the artist. Still, some of this material is out of print and unavailable otherwise, so what the heck if the artist doesn't want to earn money from these tracks anyway?
Radio discs containing tracks that were broadcast on the radio. Could be interviews, radio specials, tracks recorded especially for radio broadcasts (Beatles BBC material) etc.
Studio discs containing studio outtakes. Could be sourced from tape (usually stereo downmixes from multitracks) or acetates (test pressings containing rough mixes, made for demo and reference purposes. Since these wear out, there usually are pops and clicks)
Television discs containing the sound of what once was a video or film - with picture and sound. This could be a TV broadcast or from copies of unreleased videos that are circulating amongst collectors. Why anyone wants just the sound of something that exists with picture, escapes me!

The Symbols

Symbol Meaning
SCANS The page for this bootleg contains at least one scan. Often, there are multiple scans detailing several aspects of this particular disc and its packaging
TIME denotes that the total time and the timings of the individual tracks are listed
NOTES indicates that "CD Notes", "Liner Notes" or "Track Notes" are shown as printed on the CD artwork
BOOK means that the entire text of the book(let) that comes with the CD is available on the page for this bootleg
REVIEW expresses that there is at least one review
ANALYSIS shows that there is an in-depth analysis of every track of this disc with explanations and comparisons to previous releases, for example
CORE this disc is "Core Collection" - see table "Index Selection" above for a description

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