Give My Regards To Rush Street

The Exclusive Audio Biography of a Never Before Released 1984 Interview with Paul McCartney Promoting His New Movie and Soundtrack Album

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Label Dinosaur Music™
Part No. DINO-65603
Country of origin USA
Release date 1998
Total time 42:38
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CD Notes

On October 19, 1984, Paul McCartney was in Chicago, on a 3-city promotional tour (including stops in New York City and Los Angeles), promoting his new movie and soundtrack album, "Give My Regards To Broadstreet." Not your "ordinary interview CD" ...this never-before released interview features Paul especially "chatty" this day, after a long lay-off from public appearances. The interview was conducted in a small, intimate setting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in downtown Chicago, with only a hand-full of movie critics asking thought provoking questions.

Paul discusses his new film, and soundtrack, in great detail. With an array of topics, including his ever-present security, touring, collaboration with George "Harrisongs," his favorite Beatle numbers, bringing-up the kids and their involvement in music, living a "nromal life," the city of Chicago, music technology, his current involvement in both social and polititcal causes, gun control, working with Michael Jackson, Julian Lennon's new album, Little Richard, ringo, having long hair, asking permission to perform his own Beatle songs, publishing, Ex-Wings members, music videos, being in jail for 5... oops, that's 9 days in Japan, and all about the death of John Lennon. Paul is heard in crystal-clear sound, as his microphone was hooked-up directly to a 4-channel mixing board and the recording is simply superb!

Tr Title Time
1 Dan Charleston intro 1:00
2 Paul in Chicago, October, 1984 31:49
3 When Paul is asked about John Lennon, Dan Charleston sees what we can't hear 0:29
4 Paul continues 8:47
5 Dan Charleston talks with Paul's young fans, there to see Paul McCartney, formerly of the group "Wings." 0:31


First issue had black/white cover only.

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