Black & White

Lon & Derrek
with Ringo Starr * Klaus Voormann * Denny Seiwell

back insert - inner side back cover
Label Imagine A Better World
Order No. IBW 398D
Country of origin USA
Release date 1998
Booklet 8p
Total time
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No Title Composer Musicians Time
1 Ringo Ad/My World is Empty Holland, Dozier, Holland Derrek-vox, Ringo-drums, Klaus Voormann-bass, Tom Seufert-guitar, Lon-piano, guitar 1:00/2:41
2 Apple of My Eye P.Ham, W.Collins, J.Molland, M.Gibbins, T.Evans Derrek-vox, Lon-guitars, bass, program. 4:45
3 Down in Black & White Anthony Gorman, Lon & Consti Van Eaton Lon-vox, back vox, guitars, bass, program. 3:42
4 Living a Dream Lon & Derrek Van Eaton Derrek-vox, piano, Rick Slosser-drums, Klaus-bass, Lon-back vox, guitar, synths. 3:18
5 Before You Go Jim Oliver Derrek-vox, Lon-back vox, guitars, bass, program. 3:28
6 Heart Of Stone Jim Oliver & Lon Van Eaton Derrek-vox, Lon-back vox, guitars, bass, program. 3:31
7 I'm Sorry Jeff Norman, Klaus Peterson & Lon Van Eaton Lon-vox, guitars, program. 3:27
8 Get Happy Lon & Derrek Van Eaton Derrek-vox, Ringo-drums, Klaus-bass, Carlos de la Paz-guitar, Lon-piano, horns. 2:55
9 Yes I Believe Matt Hurwitz & Lon Van Eaton Lon-vox, guitars, program, Consti-back vox. 3:16
10 Getting Better J. Lennon & P. McCartney Lon-vox, piano, guitars, Derrek-back vox, David Kemper-drums, Steven Hague-synths. 2:59
11 Something In Sadness Ted Reece & Lon Van Eaton Lon-vox, bass, program, Ted Reece-acoustic guitar 4:14
12 Hold On Lon & Derrek Van Eaton Derrek-vox, Ringo-drums, Klaus-bass, Carlos de la Paz & Lon-guitars, Cynthia Webb, Klaus & Lon-back vox 3:19
13 Sweet Music Lon & Derrek Van Eaton Derrek-vox, bass, walls, Lon-guitars, autoharp, keyboards, walls. 2:21
14 Stars Lon & Consti Van Eaton Derrek-vox, Lon-guitars, bass, program. 4:04
15 Solution Lon Van Eaton Lon-vox, guitars, program. 1:46
16 If You Think Lon Van Eaton Denny Seiwell-drums, Lon-vox, guitars, program 3:51
17 Imagine a Better World Lon & Consti Van Eaton Lon-vox, guitars, program, Consti, Jerry & Kathy O'Neill, Patti & Will Crossland back vox. 4:22
18 Coming Back Lon & Consti Van Eaton Derrek-vox, Consti & the Weavers-back vox, Frank Auer-guitar, Gereon Frederickson-harmonica, Lon-back vox, guitars, bass, program. 4:46


Imagine A Better World reflects Van Eatons philosophy of life and cites Lennon s Give Peace A Chance . And Coming Back speaks about the experiences which they had with the Beatles and their world. Besides all these to increase interest into this album, it simply sounds very beautiful -- beautiful chorus voices, wonderful and harmonious. A real surprise in the computer overloaded music world!

Beatlemania Magazine

"...a treat for Apple freaks -- Lon and Derrek Van Eaton doing the poignant "Apple of My Eye" with great vocals, multi-layered production... very nice indeed!"

Beatlefan Magazine

While many of the songs on the album reflect a variety of life experiences, the sound draws on the many years of experience Lon has spent in the music business, particularly his earliest years working around various Beatles.... One song, 'Coming Back", recalls the experience of getting signed to Apple, the brothers' visit to Friar Park, etc. 'Remember we were sitting around the breakfast table" say the lyrics, 'How can we help a friend who's hurtin' without him knowing where it came from?' 'I remember, I think it was George who said that' says Lon. 'As I learned years later, that's the best way of giving.'

Matt Hurwitz, Good Day Sunshine Magazine

Background information

Lon recalls -- I remember we were picked up at the airport and driven to his house, and as we got out of the car, George was outside playing an acoustic guitar- and he was playing our songs from the demo! It was incredible! Harrison subsequently began production on our "Brother" album which resulted in our first Apple single Sweet Music .

Lon & Derrek Van Eaton are brothers, recording artists, songwriters and producers who have recorded on several record labels including the Beatles' Apple label, produced by George Harrison and Klaus Voormann, CBS and A&M, produced by Richard Perry and Bill Schnee. The two brothers were originally signed to Apple Records in 1971 after submitting a demo tape to the company. After they were signed, the pair were brought to England to meet with George Harrison at his home at Friar Park.

The Beatles' Concert For Bengla Desh made a lifelong impact on the young Van Eatons about how the power of music and media can make a difference in the world. The death of John Lennon reinforced that philosophy and inspired Lon to devote himself to producing cause-related and non-profit recordings and events and involving himself in hands-on work with children.

Getting to know each of the Beatles at such a young age exposed the Lon & Derrek to a rich resource of philosophies and strong work ethics. 'Those guys, they taught us so much...' lyrics from their new song "Coming Back". John Lennon and George Harrison were particularly adept at using music, lyrics and the media to bring attention to what they thought was important. So, John's death was particularly impactful to the Van Eaton brothers. Derrek left the music business and Lon redirected his focus towards making music for a better world.

Lon then founded Imagine A Better World -- an entertainment company dedicated to creating music for conscious change. Since 1985, we have produced recordings -- Zubin Mehta at the Kennedy Center, Stevie Wonder for the Environment with Turner Broadcasting, President Reagan with Ben Vereen in support of the boy Scouts of America and many more!

The new Black & White CD includes 18 songs and an 8 page booklet with lots of pictures -- old and new. Copies are not available in stores. To order your copy visit our web site at and/or send $15.98(usd) + $4.50(usd) S&H in the U.S.A. or $6.50(usd) S&H outside the U.S.A. by cash, check, money order or American Express to Imagine A Better World, P. O. Box 938, Castle Rock, CO 80104-0938.

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