Stationen - Die Beatles

Stationen - packaging
Stationen - CD-ROM
Language German
Release Date Spring 1995
Platform Windows PC
Size 554,653 KBytes
Manufacturer tewi Verlag, Germany
Website -
Catalogue Number 62664; ISBN 3-89362-664-6.
Suggested retail price DM 39.00 - SFR 37.00 - OES 332.00

Contents "Monography" on the Beatles. Starting from 1940, lots of information is given: almost 2000 screen pages of text, 400 photos, 50 minutes of video, 10 minutes of audio, discography. The last entry is the 30 November 1994 release "Live At The BBC".

Comments Not bad at first sight. Seems to contain endless amounts of information. Many rare video and audio clips. Videos are in color and reasonably sized. Interesting to get information on the solo careers, too. However, especially the time after 1970 does not contain too much information. The discography lists only the songs but no details. The videos do not play smoothly from CD-ROM (but will play fine from harddisk). I have mixed feelings about this CD-ROM. One the one hand it contains much rare material but on the other hand it appears incomplete in places and the user interface is a bit strange for my taste.