"Where can I find out about all releases of a particular record?"

the Beatles - The Ultimate Recording Guide

by Allen J. Wiener

Picture of the book This book will answer all trivia questions like the above one. It covers every release, recording or appearance that each of the Beatles has ever made! Even contributions to other artists. It doesn't stop in 1970 but continues with the solo careers. It's an invaluable source for every serious collector as it covers different issues and variations in great detail. Recording sessions of unreleased tracks and bootlegs that contain these tracks are also listed. A very detailed index helps to quickly look things up. What's even more, this book is priced at only $15.00 (paperback, 3rd edition). A definite must-have!

General Chronology 1
Recording Chronology 203
Discographies 265
U.S. Discography 265
U.K. Discography 317
Special Release Discography 377
Alternate Versions and Bonus Tracks 393
Bootlegs and Unreleased Recordings 423
Chronology 423
Unreleased Song Titles
Appendix A: The Beatles as Supporting Players 537
Appendix B: Videocassettes and Laser Discs 553
References/Recommended Periodicals 561
Song Title Index 563

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