Shout! The Beatles in Their Generation

by Philip Norman

Shout! Shout! is an intimate chronicle of the
barely believable escapades of John, Paul, George, and Ringo among the blizzards of money, mansions, women, and drugs.
It is also a penetrating social history, pinpointing the moment when politicians
first saw the wisdom, now accepted,
of using young people's music to reflect glory on themselves. It is, above all, a critical and poetic celebration of music such as no four musicians will ever make again.

Philip Norman, the distinguished British journalist and novelist, was assigned in 1968 to cover the Beafles' own business utopia, Apple Corps, from the inside. What resulted was an incredible wealth of material - eyewitness accounts, interviews, stories withheld from the press and public - from which he has produced this penetrating social history

Behind the myths ... behind the masks ... behind the secluded waus ... heres the definitive biography of the incredible rise of four boys in scuffed boots to beings more pampered and adored - and in many ways more deprived - than any others in the history of popular entertainment.

Here are the wild, often comical days at the beginning in Liverpool, and the wflder all-night life the teenage Beatles led on Hamburg's notorious Reeperbahn. Here are the life and tragic death of John Lennorfs brilliant friend Stu Sutcliffe and Astrid, the beautiful, ghost-eyed German girl who first gave the Beatles the look that was to take the world by storm. Here is Brian Epstein, the sensitive and lonely young record salesman whose taste and flair refined the Beafles'style into the decade's quintessence.

From the primitive joy of the early recordings to the psychedelic triumph of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, from the brilliantly unified sounds of Abbey Road to the collapse ofapple Corps into squalor, anger, and suspicion, from Paul's desperate attempts to form a final comeback concert to the tragic moment that forever silenced the group called the Beatles - Shout! is, like its subject, a phenomenon.

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