Not For Sale
The Beatles' Musical Legacy As Archived On Unauthorized Recordings

by  Belmo

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Notes from the back of the book:
"NOT FOR SALE is the reference that most long-time Beatles collectors have wished for, and it is indispensable to newcomers lured into those forbidden record bins. It is certain to become one of the most dogeared, frequrently-thumbed volumes on Beatles bookshelves everywhere."Allen J. Wiener (author of The Ultimate Recording Guide)

The Beatles' ANTHOLOGY series presented fans with a large number of rarities - most unheard before by the general public. However, ANTHOLOGY was just the tip of the iceberg as is amply illustrated by the contents of NOT FOR SALE. Since 1969 farsighted entrepreneurs have released over 2400 titles which contain musical artifacts from the Beatles radio and television appearances, live converts, studio outtakes, home demos, and unreleased recordings from both group and solo years.

In NOT FOR SALE internationally known Beatles bootleg expert, Belmo (editor and publisher of BELMO'S BEATLES NEWS and co-author of BLACK MARKET BEATLES), reviews nearly 1000 of these titles in an attempt to help both novice and experienced collectors to better understand and appreciate the most significant 'Beatlegs'. Also included are photographs of rare album artwork, helpful information for the collector of underground recordings, an extensive index and much, much more. So open up NOT FOR SALE and discover a treasure chest overflowing with golden musical Beatles artifacts.

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