"... what's this hype about 'Get Back Sessions'? What exactly was recorded back then?"

Drugs, Divorce And A Slipping Image

The Unauthorized Story of The Beatles' "Get Back" Sessions

by Doug Sulpy and Ray Schweighardt

Picture of the book Everyone who's interested to know "why the Beatles broke up" should get this book. The authors tried to put the thousands of fragments (worth dozens of hours altogether) that have surfaced to date on hundreds of bootlegs into their chronological order. They even had access to material not generally available. The result is a detailed day-by-day chronology that transcribes all the discussions that took place and lists every song, or fragment of a song, recorded. Some are as short as 9 seconds! Each performance gets assigned a unique reference number (called "DDSI-number" amongst collectors). Each song is also described in great detail, so that the reader/listener can actually identify tracks he has in ones collection. Durations of the songs/fragments are also listed. But as mentioned above, Sulpy of course leaves out some vital information: He does not tell where to find a particular performance! This info was left to be released in the above "Outtakes" book, making it a requirement to purchase both books, if you want to know all. This book is a must-have for the serious collector. After reading this, one really can understand what went wrong with the Beatles during that period! Reasonable value for money.

This book has been replaced by "Get Back" - a revised edition!