Beatles Undercover

by Kristofer Engelhardt

Beatles Undercover

CD that comes with the book

This CD contains three unreleased songs with/produced by John Lennon


From the Introduction:

"Beatles Undercover is a reference book which explores the origins and evolution of The Beatles' contributions to other artists' music, along with a brief biographical sketch of each of these artists. In short, this book is about The Beatles'admiration for and generous support of their friends and fellow musicians. It's neither a price guide nor a discography per se. It does not seek to expose the artists' personal lives or critique their work. For those of you who thought the music of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr was confined to The Beatles and their solo recordings, you are in for a very big and pleasant surprise."

From the back:

"Kris Engelhardt knows more about us than we do!"
   ---Levon Heim (The Band)

"This book stands alone as the last word on The Beatles'work for other artists. The research and attention to detail are astounding."
   ---Roy Cicala (John Lennon's recording engineer)

"I love Kris' book so much it makes me want to come back in the next life as one of the surfing Beatles."
   ---Bruce Johnston (The Beach Boys)

"Kris' book shows that a less-publicized part of The Beaties' greatness was their ability to influence and inspire (and assist) other artists with their professional careers."
   ---Tony Sheridan

"This history of The Beatles'musical contribution to other artists' recordings is my guidebook for the All-Star Band Concept."
   ---David Fishof (producer for Ringo Starr's All Star Band Tours)

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