"... please tell me where to find all outtakes of 'Strawberry Fields Forever' in the best quality. And tell me if outtakes of 'Tell Me Why' exist?"

The 910's Guide to The Beatles' Outtakes

by Doug Sulpy

Picture of the book This guide is essential for serious collectors, as it greatly helps to built up a 'core'-collection - it lists all Beatles' songs (studio, live, demos, BBC, TV appearances and Get Back sessions) and names one source for each track which the author thinks is the best-quality source - alternate sources are not listed, even if they are digitally identical, but this is not the scope of this book anyway. Each track gets assigned its unique reference number. The sources listed as "reference sources" are arguable in places. Quite expensive for what it is - $29.95 (or $25 if bought from the author directly). A 2nd revised edition has been released. It now also covers Anthology 2 and a new "Alternate Mixes" chapter. Some errors were corrected and omissions now are included.

Contents (1st edition):
Introduction ...Page 7
The Studio Sessions ...Page 11
BBC Radio ...Page 61
Telecasts ...Page 87
The "Get Back" Sessions ...Page 95
In Concert ...Page 167
Home Recordings, Etc. ...Page 185
Index ...Page 207
The Core Collection ...Page 225

Current edition is 3rd edition

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